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The weekend March, 15-16th 2014 the Society for Speculative Rocketry held their inaugural meeting at Eyebeam, Chelsea, New York City.

In a day long workshop 15 society members explored the relationship between past and future realities of space travel and how they live within the public imaginary. Eyebeam was transformed into a Situation Room with window projections overlooking the Pacific Ocean, simulating the view from the RAND Corporations headquarter in Santa Monica, California.

Project Created: 
March 2014
6:30pm - 10:30pm
$100; $75 for Students

Register Here!

This two-day workshop will introduce you to the basic philosophy behind transparency activism and how to accomplish it through the use of smart hacks over web platforms. Ownership, privacy and geopolitical use of data will be introduced through case histories of ethical and legal issues as well as an introduction of the main organizations and resources about Open Data.

You will learn the methodologies and mechanisms for exploring creative and unconventional uses of political data over the web. In addition, the workshop will introduce some practical tools, including simple software, coding, and other techniques and tricks to extract data from web servers.

Software that will be explored during the workshop:
iMacro, Fake, Scraperwiki, Beautiful Soup, Scrapy, etc.

Code that will be explored:
PHP, Phynton, Sql, JavaScript, DHTML, etc.


Here is a link to the documentation of our Max/MSP Jitter Workshop in multi-channel audiovisuals.

The installation is by Crystal Butler, Todd Bryant, Kathleen Judge, Quin Kennedy, Sofia van Leeuwen, James Proctor, Yo Park, Matth Torti and Daniel Wilson.

The work is an algorithmically edited piece composed of sound and video captured from various New York City elevators. Eight channels of rhythmic audio play while four projectors cast synced video onto a 10 ft. high cube.

Start Date: 
26 Apr 2011 - 7 May 2011
Free w/ Registration
Cooper Hewitt, Eyebeam, & Smart Design

The Jell-O Mold Competition partnered with the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and Eyebeam Art + Technology Center to take Jell-O on a whirlwind tour through New York City with a Jell-O Mold Workshop for high school students interested in food, design, and technology!

Student teams work with designers to develop and create molds using traditional techniques and 3-D printing technology to enter into the third annual Jell-O Mold Competition scheduled for June 25, 2011. Workshop sessions are hosted at Cooper-Hewitt, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, and Smart Design. 3D printing materials at Eyebeam were generously provided by Stratasys.


An Invitation to Debian Novice Night - December 1, 2010
It may be short notice, but if you are new to Linux, interested in Debian and live or work in the New York metro-area, check out Novice Night. It's coming up this Wednesday. Info below is from Debian-NYC.


Re-Farm the City 2-Day Workshop @ NYC Resistor, Aug. 21, 22


I agreed to teach a 3 hour workshop at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program “Summer Camp for Grown Ups.”  My workshop is on June 3rd and called:

Don’t be a Jerk, Share Your Code.
An introduction to the philosophy of free and open-source software development and hands on skills in how to collaborate on code using the version control software, GIT.

I believe it’s open to all.

Start Date: 
17 Mar 2010
1pm - 7pm

Wednesday March 17, 2010
1:30 - 7pm
Eyebeam Art and Technology Center



NYC public school students between the ages of 13–18 are invited to spend their Thursday afternoons, from 3–6PM, at Eyebeam. Each month will feature a series of free hands-on workshops, starting at 4PM, where students will have the opportunity to work with different open-source software programs as used by artists and technologists.

Thursdays in May: Electronic Music Production with Eyebeam Resident Jace Clayton
Musician and writer Jace Clayton (aka DJ/rupture) will introduce students to electronic music production and sound design using a variety of open source and inexpensive audio software. Students will learn the basics of sampling, synthesis, beat programming, and FX processing as they develop a composition of their own.

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