9/25 Farm City Forum: Imagining the Future of Urban Agriculture

Mobile Garden, Tatfoo Tan

Farm City, a festival celebrating and exploring Urban Agriculture, concludes this weekend with Farm City Forum, an “unconference” of lively participant-driven discussions that will explore how to shape the future of urban agriculture.

On Saturday, September 25, three seperate Farm City Forum sessions co-organized by Eyebeam will bring together artists, farmers, urban planners, architects, food activists, and authors envisioning the transformative possibilities of urban agriculture as a means to generate new thinking and experimental action for a more sustainable future. Presenters include Mary Mattingly, Tattfoo Tan, Gita Nandan, Stacey Murphy, Majora Carter, Novella Carpenter and more.

More info about Eyebeam's involvement and the festival here.

Get the full schedule for the Forum and purchase tickets here.

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